Sport and spine physiotherapy is a privately owned and operated clinic established in 1995, with its main focus on treatment of orthopedic disorders of the spine and extremities, sport and dance injuries as well as post operative rehabilitation.  Our clientele range from amateur and professional sport athletes and dancers to the non sporting population.
Sport and spine physiotherapy has set its goal to provide its clients with up to date treatment at the best level possible provided by highly qualified professionals. 
Our mission is to be updated with the most advanced worldwide accepted treatment approaches in manual therapy, taping and exercise rehabilitation.
Other treatment procedures such as acupuncture and massage therapy are advised and provided if applicable.
Video motion analysis for runners, athletes, cyclists, dancers, musicians as well as ergonomic video analysis evaluations are among our specialties. 
With this unique approach we build both preventive and rehabilitation exercise programs to uniquely fit your needs.

Sport and spine physiotherapy treatment philosophy is to provide its clients with:
• High availability.
• Specific, personally tailored treatment and rehabilitation program.
• Hand on based physiotherapy.
• Direct communication with the best available medical practitioners to allow efficient and prompt resolution of client needs. 
• Direct communication with trainers and coaches to allow safe training and return to sport.

Sport and spine professionals are looking forward to be challenged by your needs:



Yuval David

Sport Physiotherapist graduated with a Physiotherapy Degree from Tel Aviv University (1991), and Sport  Physiotherapy in Perth, Australia (1994).  Certified Mulligan Practitioner (2007). 
Physiotherapist of  Israel's national basketball team.
Lecturer in undergraduate physiotherapy at Yehuda and Samaria College, and in post graduate sport physiotherapy courses.



Ofer Einat

Sport Physiotherapist graduated with a Physiotherapy Degree from Tel Aviv University (1991), and has vast experience with treating sport and dance injuries. Physiotherapist of Israel's national under 21 men's basketball team. 
Lecturer in anatomy and physiology at "Telma-Yelin" and "Blich" dance programs.




Adi Amit-David

Manual Physiotherapist graduated with a Physiotherapy Degree from Tel Aviv University (1991), and Manual Therapy in Perth, Australia (1994 - Honors).  Adi specializes in spinal treatments.  She teaches undergraduate physiotherapy at Haifa University and Pilates instructors.

Ori Bar-Zeev 

A charted physiotherapist, holds a bachelor degree (B.P.T) from Tel Aviv University (2000) and a post graduate degree (PGDip) in neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy from the university of Brighton (2008). worked as a lecturer for undergraduate students at the university of Brighton (2008), as a specialist physiotherapist for the UK national health service (NHS) and for a private clinic in London. Has vast experience with treating professional athletes (Handball, Football, Basketball and more).Specialises in various manual therapy techniques and acupuncture (Dry needling and traditional Chinese acupuncture) for pain management.
Ori is a former competitive long distance runner
Yaara Shadur
Graduated with a Physiotherapy Degree from Tel Aviv University (1991),

Post graduate authorization in Urogenital Rehabilitation (1995) and has vast experience with treating pelvic floor problems  in women after complicated childbirths, surgery, oncology treatments, and painful intercourse.

International certification in combined lymphatic therapy (MLD) from Dr. Vooder school Austria (2010), Specialied in wound heeling problems.

David Frank

Massage therapist.  Graduated from Ridman Holistic Medicine school (2004) and has been working with basketball teams as Givat shmuel, and currently with Hapoel Osichkin Tel-Aviv.


Sport and spine physiotherapy
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